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What to look for when you want to buy a luxury home

Owning a luxury home is the dream of every person and it is not merely a status symbol. Though status plays an important role in it, it is more about enjoying all the comforts that you could think of in your home. In India, the term ‘luxury’ is often misused by residential project developers, as you can see almost every second project being termed as a ‘luxury project’, while all they offer are basic amenities. So, before getting into the nitty-gritty’s of the entire ‘luxury’ scenario in India, let us first define what exactly classifies as a ‘luxury’ property. The real estate industry is in the cusp of transformation and the past decade has played a crucial role in shaping the sector. The realty sector and its ancillary industries witnessed a series of structural reforms with the advent of RERA, policy change, industry consolidation, fast protect growth, and so on, which has helped increase transparency and trust between builders and buyers. KDC real estate provides the list of luxury apartments in Gurgaon.

Find the Best Real Estate Agent

The best real estate agent is an experienced professional who listens to your concerns and knows their market. That person might not necessarily work at the largest brokerage, close the most transactions, or make the most money. KDC Real Estate is one of India’s leading Real Estate Consultants with a primary focus in and around the National Capital Territory (New Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida). They aim to provide all kinds of real estate related solutions for domestic and global individuals and corporations.

They have earned a strong reputation in the Real Estate Industry as we work for the satisfaction of our customers. In achieving this, we cater to numerous national and international clients across various business domains. They provide Experion Heartsong Apartments Sector 108 Gurgaonapartments at Dwarka expressway and many more.

Know What You Want Before Looking

Location, location, location” is a common mantra in real estate. And it’s good advice—except for one thing: Most people have no idea what it really means. The neighborhoods that appeal to you will largely be a matter of personal choice. You also need to take into consideration where the house is actually located. In this instance, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you conduct your search. A good location can mean different things to different people, of course, but there are also objective factors that determine your house values. Depending on your personal needs and preferences, you may not be able to buy a home with all of these factors.

Always See the House First

If you find a home you’re seriously considering, always have it inspected. Avoiding this could result in buying a pretty home that isn’t in good shape. Try to select a home inspector who specializes in luxury homes rather than regular houses. Modern homes these days often come with sophisticated electronic systems that could require great expertise to manage.

Understand your finical options

Knowing what you qualify for is a big part of buying a luxury home. Don’t assume that you qualify for a multimillion-dollar estate because a high percentage of people don’t. In line with a tip, we discuss later on is to be frugal as well. Are you going to put down 20% on your home when there are so many other types of loans available to you? Find out what you’re comfortable with in terms of financing and stick to it. Your mortgage lender will go over with you the best options for financing your luxury home. Doing your homework on lenders and shopping around for the best deals makes a lot of sense especially when a fraction of a point will equal tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a mortgage loan.


Remember a luxury home is an extension of you. Just like buying a home, any home for that matter takes time and is patient in your search. Buying a home should be a well-thought-out decision. Investing in luxury real estate is a huge investment made mostly once in a lifetime. Any luxury property for sale must be analyzed, checked if it matches your needs and should be decided upon after thorough research. There are various real estate agents who provide luxury housing in Gurgaon and other cities.

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