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Neighborhood Features That Enhance The Value Of A Property

Real Estate covers residential housing, commercial offices, and trading spaces such as theatres, hotels, and restaurants, retail outlets, industrial buildings such as factories and Government buildings. Real estate involves the purchase, sale, and development of land, residential i.e. luxury housing in Gurgaon and other cities. We believe finding your perfect home starts with choosing the neighborhood that’s right for you and by bringing neighbors together, we can cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on You’re not just buying or renting a home — you are also buying into and becoming a part of a neighborhood. Neighborhoods affect home value.KDC real estate is having tata housing upcoming projects in Gurgaonhaving best neighborhood feature that enhance the value of property If you originally bought in a nice neighborhood that slowly turned since you’ve lived there– you could be facing quite a drop in home value, If you are thinking how neighborhood feature enhances the value of a property than given below are some point which will help you see how the neighborhood is important:-

10 things you must check before buying property


Find out what upgrades your city has in store by looking online for planning documents. They should reveal what improvements are planned and when they’re scheduled to be completed. You could also call the city hall to ask about future growth. Maybe there’s a street aping plan in the works or new amenities planned for the area, or maybe you’ll find that desirable retailers such as Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or Target are on the way, which could further boost home values once the stores are well-established.


Historic homes

Historic districts typically ooze character and charm and are often located in walkable communities. They practically invite you to get out and explore your surroundings and learn about your neighborhood’s story. Even better, historic homes also tend to increase in value more quickly than the overall local market, according to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. construction home in a historic area.


Families, or couples that are planning on starting a family, will look to the area school system as a key factor in deciding whether or not they want to settle down in a neighborhood. Even if you don’t have school-aged children, taking an active interest in the upkeep, progress and unavoidable politics of the neighborhood schools is an excellent way of helping your neighborhood reach, and maintain its maximum potential.


Distinctive or attractive homes

We are committed to building distinctive homes with our innovative designs and floor plans. A well-designed home isn’t just attractive; it’s also more secure, energy-efficient and functional. We help homeowners achieve their dream homes by listening to their ideas and taking into account their wants and needs in their remodeling and custom home projects. Each home we build is constructed with the highest-quality materials backed by expert workmanship. Our homes are built to withstand the rigors of time and weather, with each part, from the roof to the foundation, constructed according to specification. Our flexible, reliable and innovative services ensure quality in every project.

Organized community groups

Community groups bring a sense of closeness to a neighborhood. Many homebuyers seek the familiarity local associations provide. For example, a neighborhood-watch group or a local group to help keep the neighborhood clean are desirable associations to have around. Homebuyers with small children might be on the lookout for these features.



 If you enjoy access to plenty of transportation and your neighborhood is highly walkable, this will instantly improve your home’s value. Potential home buyers want to be able to walk a few blocks to eat at great restaurants, buy groceries, or be a few steps away from buses and trains. You can discover your neighborhood’s walkability by taking a walk around your town and making note of how close (or far) services are. There are luxury apartments Dwarka expressway which has offered the best walkability feature.


Access to shopping and other recreational activities is a big draw for many homebuyers. When popular retailers move into a neighborhood, other businesses usually follow, and buyers know this. When selling your home, make sure to mention stores in the area, as well as stores that are planning to appear in the future. The availability of local shops (especially coffee shops) could make or break a sale. There is a list of luxury apartments in Gurgaon which has the best stores.

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